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35 Beautiful Mirror Decoration Ideas To Add More Style To Your Home

by alaa baravi 02 Mar 2023

35 Beautiful Mirror Decoration Ideas To Add More Style To Your Home

If we have to make a list of the decor elements that are mandatory for each home, the mirrors will be first in that list.

Their significance is defined by the aesthetic value they add to the interior and the contributions they make to the visual appearance of the space.

Hanging a mirror at the right place will make the room brighter, it will create an illusion for a wider space and openness and will uplift the style of the home.

1. Stunning Mirror for Bedroom with Elegant Surrounding Frame

This stunning mirror becomes an outstanding part of the bedroom interior because of the surrounding mirror frame.

The feminine touch and presence is easily seen and felt from every detail.

2. Utilize Mirrors in Entryways to Create a Spacious Illusion

Mirrors are most often used in the entryways where the square floorage is small.

They function not only as a practical feature but also as a visual means that creates an illusion for an airier space.



3. A Dazzling Decorative Mirror for an Impactful Wall Display

The point of this mirror is not to be looking into it. It functions as a decorative element with a big impact.

If you wonder how to decorate the wide wall above the headboard, a mirror in an interesting and meaningful shape is always a good choice.





4. Add Aesthetic Beauty and Symbolism with a Sunburst Mirror.


If you need an element to make a setting feel and look finished, use a mirror.

This sunburst version possesses not only symbolism but also great decor beauty.

It complements the design of the console table and uplifts the entire arrangement.

5. Elevate Your Entryway with a Framed Mirror and Vintage Table.

A wooden framed mirror would pair perfectly with a vintage entryway table.

Leaned against the wall, it will reflect the natural light coming through the glass of the door and will help increase the illumination level in the entryway.




6. Add Depth to a Dining Room with an Eye-Catching Mirror Set.

This elegant mirror set becomes the focal point of the dining room.

Its place is very strategic as it covers a wide empty wall and reflects the light from the elegant lamps.

Is it a coincidence that the carpet pattern is identical to the mirror shape?

7. Add an Artistic Touch with a Mirror with a Stylish Frame.

A mirror with an interesting frame can serve as a wall art.

Regardless of its place, it will grab the attention and will distract from the space’s disadvantages such as a small floorage.




8. Simple-Shaped Mirror with Natural Colored Frame.

The choice for a mirror with a simple shape and a frame in natural colors is best for bedrooms.

It will not only enhance the calming atmosphere, it will also serve as an accent and a functional decoration.





9. Add Sparkle to Your Bedroom with a Mirror.


In case your bedroom is dark, choose a mirror that will add the sparling and bright effect it’s lacking.

Place it above the dresser or above the headboard for an optimum effect.





10. Match Your Interior Accents with a Framed Mirror.

If the mirror is framed, match it with your interior accents.

The white color of the smaller accents has a great impact to the interior.

11. Focal Point Mirror to Enhance Interior Design of a Room.

The size and the place of this mirror aim to make it the focal point of the living room.

It is interesting how it underlines the general interior style by being in well-managed harmony with the rest of the interior elements.

12. Create a Cozy Farmhouse Vibe with a Mirrored Corner.

A corner from the living room is dedicated to the farmhouse style. Its purpose is to make the relaxing vibe more tangible and the warmth- appealing.

All elements from this setting remind of the calm past times.

The mirror reflects the natural light coming from the opposite windows and also the light from the lamp in front of it.




13. Enlarge Narrow Spaces with a Mirror Wall.

A large mirror or an entire mirror wall is a suitable means to visually enlargen a narrow space.

Since there is no frame of the mirror wall, the reflection looks like a realistic extension of the existing hallway.

14. A Statement-Making Wall Mirror for a Modern Home Hallway.

Although this mirror is quite large, it is not used as a focal point or means for distraction.

It functions as an irreplaceable finishing element of a relaxing nook in the hallway.

This is achieved through the usage of identical colors, materials and styles.



15. Large Mirror for Wall Décor Solutions for Transitional Spaces.

A large mirror leaned against a wall ensures visual space flexibility and saves you from the dilemma of how to decorate the wall.

Such a decor solution is suitable for a transitional space such as the hallway.

16. Brighten Your Living Room with Gold-Accented Mirrored Wall.

The wide windows in a living room allow freedom when experimenting with textures on the rest of the walls.

A mirrored wall in an interesting pattern will reflect the light from all sources and will give interest to the airy room.

17. Add Luxury to Your Entryway with a Metal Framed Mirror.

The frame of this mirror is not standard and therefore it is coordinated with the rest of the decorative accents.

The metal sparkles give the entryway a stylish, even luxury look.





18.  Enhance Bathroom Design with Moroccan-Inspired Mirror.

This Moroccan-inspired shape is a perfect example of how geometry and design should be matched.

The silver color of the frame corresponds with the color of the bathroom, making it an integral part from the design line.

19. Lengthened Mirror Adds Light and Modernity to Any Bedroom.

The design of this lengthened mirror aims to make it look like a piece of furniture, not a separate element.

Being of the same design as the bedside table, it increases the light in the bedroom and gives a modern and stylish accent to the space.






20. Bold Décor Look with Wall-sized Arrangement of Mirrors.

If you are looking for a bold decor idea, opt for an arrangement of many mirrors on the entire wall.

This is an extremely attractive and contemporary technique that creates a unique design.

21. Add Visual Appeal to Your Interior with a Cluster of Mirrors.

A cluster of mirrors in geometric shapes will also underline a sophisticated and artistic design taste.

In case you choose vivid frame color, it should match the color of the rest of the smaller accents in the interior.

22. Create a Farmhouse Accent with a Mirror-Embedded Door.

If you are wondering how to decorate the wall above the sofa, you can make a fabulous farmhouse-inspired accent yourself.

Upcycle an old farmhouse door by replacing its middle wooden board with a mirror. The charm and the welcoming appeal of the room will be instantly enhanced.

23. Enhance a Room’s Aesthetic with an Upcycled Nook Mirror.

The upcycled mirror in this vintage nook is not only important to the setting but also to the entire living room interior.

Its place is very strategic as it helps to distract the sight from the intermediate walls and make the transition between the spaces smoother.

24. Transform a Room with an Arched Wooden Window Mirror.

This arched wooden window mirror looks like an aged piece with its own story. Its purpose is to make the space look and feel larger.

In addition to that, it gives a romantic farmhouse charm to the living room.

25. Craft a Distinctive DIY Mirrored Frame for Your Home Décor.

A DIY mirror could look as stunning as a designer’s product. The frame is made out of scrap pieces that form a thick and notable aureole.

Its natural color and design match the simple and elegant style of the surrounding decor elements.







26. Rustic Mirror Set Adds Traditional Charm to Living Room.

The combination between dark stained wood and wrought iron ornaments gives this mirror set a rustic look.

Being placed right above the sofa instantly turns them into the focal point of the room.





27. Elevate Your Space with Mirrored Wall Art.

If you want to use an entire wall as the point of interest of a room, do it with mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Use frames with ornaments that will transform the mirrors into wall art.

Stick to one style and color of the frames, otherwise, the effect will become a defect.





28. A Versatile Mirror to Enhance Your Rustic Setting.

The mirror of this rustic setting has a double function. Firstly, to make the niche feel and look larger by reflecting and spreading the natural light from the windows across.

Secondly, its size and alignment (not hung but leaned against the wall) make the short wall look higher.



29. Add a Modern Touch to a Bedroom with Mirrored Barn Doors.

Barn doors are very trendy these days. How about making them more interesting by including a mirror?

This idea is great for small bedrooms. It will add a modern touch to the space and make the door a multifunctional part of the room.

30. Small Foyer? Add a Stylish Mirrored Touch!

The size of your foyer is very small? Drag the attention from that with a mirror in an interesting shape.

For greater success, combine the extraordinary shape with a colored frame that matches the surrounding interior.





31. Add Depth to Your Home with a Patterned Mirror Wall.

When you decide that you prefer a mirror wall rather than a mirror, think about its layout and design.

The plain mirror wall is good for very narrow spaces. If you want to add depth to a part of your home that is small in all dimensions, choose a patterned mirror wall.

Don’t forget to match the frames with the rest of the decor elements.

32. Enhance Your Bedroom Décor with a Rustic Standing Mirror.

Accent your bedroom style with a standing long mirror. Its distressed protruding frame gives the mirror a rustic beauty.

It’s clear that the mirror is a standard decor in the bedrooms. However, in this bedroom, it is more than a thing to look into.

It emphasizes the beauty of a hanging decoration- the chandelier.

33. Add Coziness to Entryway with Mirror-Accented Chevron Wall.

The chevron wall is a very important part of this entryway. Planked mostly with grey granite tiles, it would have looked and felt quite gloomy if it wasn’t for the warm wood to add warmth and coziness.

The mirror parts are the means to drag the attention to the wooden wall and make the space feel more homely.


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